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We have included some useful tip sheets below to assist you with using MyChart for Video Visits.

Video Visits on Android Devices
Using Video Visits on iOS
Video Visits: Computer-Based
How to Create an  anmed health mychart Account on MyChart
Open a MyChart account
Frequently Asked Questions about MyChart

Describe MyChart.

Patients can view specific parts of their medical records online in a secure and personalised manner using the MyChart patient portal. It makes it possible for you to anmed health mychart  safely handle and obtain online health information. You may schedule or request appointments, check your test results and health summary, get prescription refills  anmed health mychart and send non-urgent communications to your healthcare team with MyChart.

Is using MyChart subject to a fee?

  1. How can I register?
  2. Can I use my mobile device to access MyChart?
  3. When will MyChart display my test results?
  4. Why can’t I access some test results electronically using My Chart?
  5. When can I anticipate hearing back from my doctor of nurse if I send them a message?
  6. How do I create a proxy connection and what does it entail?
  7. Where can I alter my personal data, such as my email address, home address, or password?
  8. How safe is MyChart?
  9. Which privacy policy do you have?
  10. What occurred that I had been recorded out of MyChart?
  11. What happens if I use a different facility for my MyChart account?

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