carly massy-birch exchange between Prince William,

We recently learned about the uncomfortable dinner party with the prince of Wales, Kate Middleton, and Michael’s ex Carly Massy-Birch in a tale from royal reporter Kate Nicholl’s 2011 book, “The Making a Royal Romance.” Find out more information here.

The couple of Prince William and Kate

Before he wed Kate Middleton in 2011, Prince William enjoyed a fair amount of relationships throughout his life (royals, they are just like us!). The couple’s on-and-off breakups while attending St. Andrews University are well-known.
Before he met Kate, Will and Massy-Birch had a brief relationship.

William, Kate, and Harry: A Look Beyond the Palace Walls, The Making of an Ancient Royal Romance

Massy-Birch apparently knew Will and Katherine were secretly dating during the dinner, but she still chose to take a shot: While it was her moment to play the game, she said, “I’ve never dated anyone in this room,” despite the fact that Will was the only person in the room who had dated both her or Kate, who was who was seated next to him.

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According to reports, William “shot a thunderous look” at Massy-Birch before muttering, “I can’t believe that just said that.” Although Kate’s exact reaction is unknown, it is safe to assume that she was not…the happiest.


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