Jill Bryant is a Powerhouse

Jill Bryant is a powerhouse in the casino gaming industry with an indisputable mastery in table games. Her name holds weight in the realm of gambling, thanks to her systematic and comprehensive approach to her work.

Academic Background

Jill earned her degree in Mathematics from Boston University between 2006 and 2010. Her academic journey fortified her with a solid mathematical foundation and served as a gateway to the world of casino games. Captivated by probability theory and statistical analysis, Jill channelled her knowledge towards understanding casino game dynamics, bringing credible insights to the table of gambling strategies.

Work Experience

Jill’s expertise stems from several years of professional writing since 2010. With unwavering focus and in-depth understanding of casino table games, gambling strategies, and game selection, her pen has graced many publications. Renowned platforms like “Casino Player Magazine”, “Gambling Insider”, and Play Casino Advisor have housed her articles.

Serving as a Casino Table Games Expert at Boston Casino since 2015, Jill is instrumental in ensuring fair play and an optimal game selection process. Working with the management team, she is committed to crafting a delightful gaming environment for players.

Online Presence

Jill takes to Twitter and LinkedIn to share her expertise, engage with her followers, and stay tuned to industry updates.


With a vast array of skills, Jill is a multi-dimensional expert. Her strengths span from a profound understanding of casino table games, efficient analytical and mathematical skills, impressive written and verbal communication, to high-level organization and keen attention to details. Jill is also quite handy with digital tools like Microsoft Office and Google Suite.


Jill’s penned down thoughts are prominent in the gambling world. Notable articles from her include “Virtual Gambling – Top Trends in VR Live Casinos for 2023”, “An In-Depth Analysis of Roulette Odds, Tips, Payouts and Calculations for 2023”, and “The Lowdown on No Deposit Casino Bonuses and their various Types for September 2023”.

The casino world is privileged to have Jill Bryant’s expertise. Over the years, she’s proven to be an asset to players seeking to elevate their gaming experience. Merging comprehensive knowledge with a hands-on approach, she has transformed the way players perceive gambling, lending invaluable insights into this exciting world. As she continues this influential journey, the gambling community can only expect greater contributions from this esteemed expert.


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