Simulator for Pets:

BIG Games created the Roblox game Pet Simulator X. This game is the third in the simulation of pets franchise.

BIG Games for pet sim x wiki said on October 29, 2021, that they have created a line of Collectibles (NFTs) based on the animals seen in Pet Simulator. Those who buy the NFTs will be able to enjoy exclusive perks, such as being able to own the animals that are part of their NFT collection.[1–2] The majority of users who responded to this statement pointed out that NFTs are used in art hoaxes and that minting and buying NFTs harms the environment. The press release was met with an enormous amount of community opposition.Some drew attention to the fact that the NFTs violated the terms of service of Roblox, which declared that the company would not tolerate “deceptive tactics on our website, including selling Runescape assets for cash off-platform.
BuildIntoGames refuted these accusations, claiming that their Terms of Service provision only applied to those who were selling limited edition video games on black market websites for actual cash. He said that they never created NFTs “with morals in mind,” saying that the main reason they were interested in NFTs was because they found the technology intriguing.(5) The answer from BuildIntoGames provoked more criticism from the community.

For the protection and welfare of all users, we have established our Terms of Business and Community Standards.

We are unable to keep an eye on the specifics of off-platform transactions connected to on-platform goods or experiences, which makes it difficult for us to verify or resolve any claims. Additionally, it can possibly be against our app store partners’ agreements. Giving something away for free off-platform (such via social media) as a means of fostering a sense of community can be acceptable in some situations.
We have revised the Community Standards’ Roblox Economy section to make it extra clearer about what is and isn’t permitted in order to address this.

Pet Simulator X received 2,239 more dislikes.13][14] (a decrease in approval rating from 95.773% to 95.735%, according per RoMonitor Stats)[15] in comparison to earning just a handful of dislikes throughout the same 48-hour period on any other given day, but a notable increase after the NFT announcement post.In [16](17)The fact that the game was to blame for more than 85% of website failures in the previous year has been a recurring point of contention. Even the game’s supporters concur that it’s not a good indication when one game takes down Roblox networks for all users.

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