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“Unlocking Radiant Skin: The Ultimate Guide to ZO Skin Health”

ZO Skin Care

ZO® Skin Health offers medics and their patients complete skincare programmes by combining state-of-the-art technology with Dr. Zein Obagi’s vast clinical knowledge to create treatments that regimens for healthy skin. With a focus on improving skin health treatments, ZO® Skin Health offers a range of educational programmes to patients as well as physicians’ practises through skin health conferences and clinical training.

10% Self-Activating Vitamin C Brightening 10% vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to minimise the look of wrinkles and fine lines and promotes a darker complexion.

Strong antioxidants support protection against environmental stressors


An innovative, technologically enhanced skin brightener that has been clinically shown to boost luminosity, improve skin clarity, and reduce the appearance of black spots for a complexion that is brighter and more even.

helps to balance and brighten skin tone
calms and soothes inflamed skin

Cleansing Emulsion in Balance

a conditioning gel-to-milk cleanser with clinical proof that helps maintain the skin’s barrier of defence.

supports all skin types, particularly sensitive and post-treatment skin, with its relaxing properties.
Once applied to the skin, a creamy gel melts to lift oil and pollutants while shielding the skin’s barrier.
When activated with water, the gel turns into a milky liquid that rinses clean and leaves no trace.
Free of sulphates, dyes, and fragrances

Relaxing Tone

A pH-balanced toner can assist to relax and revitalise the skin.

revitalises weakened, dry skin.
removes pollutants and restores pH balance to the skin
helps heal and soothe delicate or damaged skin
A mild cooling effect increases comfort.

Pads for Complexion Renewal

eliminates pore-clogging particles and surplus surface oil.

To avoid congested pores, dual action exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells.
reduces oiliness and surface oil
soothes and calms inflamed skin

Every Day Self-Defense

This cutting-edge serum has been clinically shown to fortify the skin’s barrier defences against environmental stresses and early ageing indications.

protects against free radical damage with antioxidants

helps assist the skin’s natural ability to repair injury and prevent further skin damage. It also helps tighten & firm the skin. It also promotes skin health.

Two-Factor Scrub

Spots are gently cleared with a combination of chemical and physical exfoliation, leaving skin incredibly smooth and luminous.

Exfoliation with two actions
targets bacteria and surface oil
relaxes and calms the skin

Scrubbing Cleanser

removes impurities and surface oil without stripping or drying out the skin

pore-clogging exfoliation
soothes and calms inflamed skin

Dead skin cells are gently removed by exfoliating polish, revealing instantly softer, brighter skin.

physically removes dirt and dead skin cells to enhance the brightness of the skin.
Magnesium oxide crystals cleanse the skin and instantly leave it feeling smooth and silky.

Stiffening Cream

All skin types with sensitive skin areas should use this gentle, lightweight, and acceptable formulation to support the noticeable improvement in elasticity or firmness by hydrating and bolstering skin health.

Firms and tightens the skin visibly

defines the features of the face
encourages the skin’s natural renewal process and the appearance for healthy skin
prevents damage from free radicals

Gentle Cleanser: Removes pollutants to leave skin feeling renewed

thoroughly cleans to get rid of makeup, grease, and other contaminants
Suitable for all skin types, the silky gel formulation

Growth Factor: A lightweight gel that helps reduce the visibility of wrinkles and expression lines on all skin types.

Boost the skin’s overall attractiveness
Restore moisture and strengthen the skin’s barrier of defence.

Stem Cell Eye Serum

The purpose of Growth Factor Ocular Serum is to plump and promote healthy skin for a clearly revitalised appearance, while also helping to enhance the appearance of fine lines, creases, and hollowness.

minimises wrinkles around the eyes and lines of expression
Enhances the appearance for volume visibly
increases thirst
A cooling tool revitalises the appearance of fatigued eyes.
restores skin and eye vitality

Cream for Brightening Eyes

especially made for the sensitive area around the eyes. reduces the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness, among other ageing symptoms.

supports the suppleness of the skin
aids in diminishing the look of puffiness
reduces the visibility of fine wrinkles

Hydrating Cleanser reduces dryness and irritation while eliminating pollutants.

Without sulphate

efficiently moisturises, calms, and cleanses skin
A rich, creamy solution that rinses clean with no residue left behind.

Moisturising Créme

provides momentary relief from the signs and symptoms of extremely dry skin, while also restoring skin’s natural moisture balance and soothing visible irritation to promote skin healing.

replenishes moisture and reduces the look of obvious redness
Patients said that after using it consistently, their skin looked and felt smoother, more moisturised, and less red.

Brightening AOX Serum

This potent antioxidant serum brightens the skin and protects against premature signs of ageing and pollution while leaving a soft-focus, subtle glow.

provides cutting-edge, round-the-clock environmental protection, including effective pollution defence
minimises early ageing symptoms visibly and maintains skin health over time
restores dry, lifeless skin’s radiant glow
blurs flaws for a polished appearance.

Strong Eye Créme

Using a targeted retinol eye crème, you can improve the texture and complexion of your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To reduce flaws, optical diffusers reflect light.
clearly guards against damage from free radicals

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