gm salary building technology and ides bd in 2023

This article will examine the average salary of a gm salary building technology and ides bd for the year 2023 and its comparative analysis with salaries in other nations and professions. Along with these fascinating salary statistics, we’ll also look at bonus ranges, experience-based pay scales, median incomes, and 25th & 75th percentile salaries!

The information in this article was gathered from a variety of sources, including job advertising that provide wage information, official state salary data, and salary surveys.

What Is the Salary of a Bangladeshi Construction Project Manager?

An average Bangladeshi gm salary building technology and ides bd makes approximately 510,000 BDT a year, with the lowest average income being roughly 233,600 BDT and the highest average compensation being 810,400 BDT.

These are the going rates in Bangladesh for a building project manager, which also cover housing and other perks. A project manager in the building industry may possibly make more or less money than the typical compensation listed above.

Bangladesh’s Salary Distribution for Construction Project Managers

We have now examined the typical incomes that Construction Project Managers in Bangladesh are likely to receive. The salary distribution is the next noteworthy piece of information.

Pay ranges for

As we already know, the typical salary for a building endeavor manager in Bangladesh ranges from 233,600 BDT to 810,400 BDT. In statistics, this is referred to as the range.

Employers and employees can use what separates the highest and lowest points numbers as a useful measure of salary fluctuation and to determine the amount they can anticipate to pay, respectively.

median income

In Bangladesh, the average pay for a manager of construction projects is 547,800 BDT. This is the salary distribution’s middle value.

Bangladeshi Construction Project Manager Pay by Experience Level
The amount of years of experience you have is the most significant factor in deciding your compensation, followed by the particular occupation. It makes sense that a greater salary would follow from more years of experience.

To give you an idea regarding the way the average changes when you work for a particular amount of time, we have looked at the average salary for construction project managers based on years of experience.

0–2 Years of Experience. In Bangladesh, an individual with just over a year of experience as a manager for construction projects might anticipate earning approximately 265,000 BDT.

1.5 to 5 Years of Experience. The typical wage for a construction project manager would rise to 354,000 BDT with up to two five years of experience.

Five to Ten Years of Experience. The average compensation for a manager for construction projects with five to 10 years of experience is 524,700 BDT.

Experience of 10 to 15 Years. After ten years of experience, the average income is approximately 639,900 BDT.

Experience of 15 to 20 Years. An experienced construction project manager can make an average of 696,700 BDT after 15 to 20 years of work.

Over 20 Years of Experience. The anticipated average income for a Building Project Manager with over 20 years of experience rises to 754,900 BDT.

Comparison of Salaries by City

You may utilize the buttons below to examine the statistics for each particular city we looked into if you’d like to compare gm salary building technology and ides bd across Bangladeshi cities.

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