Sports Technology Labs Review: Reliable Source for SARMs?

Sports Technology Labs is a relatively new source of SARMs that I will be examining today.

I’m very particular about sports technology labs SARMs sources, as you may have noticed from reading any of my other reviews, so maybe Sport Technology Lab will live down to the expectations.

Review of Sports Technology Labs
I will be dissecting Sports Technology Labs from top to bottom in this review, and we will examine its salient features.

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I’ve never seen a website this clean; no obtrusive pop-ups or distracting flashing lights.

The homepage of the well-designed website features all the important information.

Sports Technology Labs is making a great effort to stand out from the competition, and it appears to be paying off. I really enjoy the logo that is positioned at the top of the website.

All of the links work properly, and navigating the website is simple whether using a web browser or a mobile device.

I did some research and discovered that this company is headquartered in Connecticut, US.

Let’s examine the contributions made by Sports Technology Labs in more detail.

Choice of Product

Sports Technology Laboratories has a wide range of products, including both liquid or powdered SARMs, which impressed me.

They also include some stacks, which usually raises a red flag for me, but closer examination reveals that they’re both cost-effective and safe.

For instance, their “Strength Stack” includes Cardarine and RAD140, which is the ideal combination if you want to build strength and endurance.

In fact, RU-58841 is the ideal ingredient for treating male pattern baldness!

The manufacturer chose to include RU-58841 among SARMs, which is a bit confusing because it is an anti-androgen and not a SARM.

It’s just a minor error, nothing to be too concerned about, but it might be improved.

It makes sense that Sports Technology Labs would focus all of their attention on SARMs.

But you’ll be disappointed if you’re searching for Scc (SERMs) or AIs.


I’ve looked into this company quite a bit, and I’ve also seen what those around me have to say about it.

It appears that everyone on the internet believes Sports Technology Labs to be a little pricey.

But in my opinion, the costs listed on the site are reasonable and in line with those of other sellers, therefore I don’t really see it.

For instance, 50$ gets you 30mL of water Ostarine at Sports Technologies Labs, but 60$ gets you 50mL at Chemyo.

It’s encouraging to see this because there are a lot of SARMs suppliers out there who sell subpar goods with little regard for quality assurance.

You may be sure that this dealer will provide you with pure, premium SARMs at a fair price.


There never was a problem, and my purchases were regularly transported to Australia in a period of two weeks.

All credit cards, inspections credit cards that are part of the MESH network, and Bitcoin payments are accepted by the business.

Thankfully, they’ve devoted a whole page to the method of payment procedure, outlining each method’s specifics in detail.

Bitcoin payments can be made using CashApp or Coinbase, both of which are practical choices that don’t require a high level of technical expertise.

The only regrettable thing I’ve found about this firm is that they don’t ship to addresses used by the military.

I think Chemyo is the finest alternative if you’re looking to buy some research chemicals while you’re on active duty.

It is located on my list of suggested businesses.

With the exception of this minor glitch, I believe it’s reasonable to state Sports Technology Labs provides a flawless purchasing experience.

Online Customer Reviews
I couldn’t discover a lot of information about this new company online.

True, there are actually a few discussions on websites such as Reddit, the majority of which inquire if Sports Technologies Labs is a legitimate business.

Customer Service
I only had to contact them once since I had to step in to resolve an issue with my Bitcoin payment not appearing on their website.

I was reassured by the composed and skilled customer service agent that the money will finally appear.

It truly did in just a few hours, therefore I’m giving credit where credit is due. My interaction with their customer service was excellent.

There is one catch to all of this: email will be your only means of communication with the business.

Regretfully, there isn’t a live chat feature or phone number available.

It’s a little frustrating, and I’m hoping that the business would eventually include these services into the user experience.

Coupon for Sports Technology Labs

You’ve found the best deal if you’re searching for the biggest Sports Technology Labs discount.

Subscribe with their email newsletter to receive 10% off your order.

While not horrible, we can improve upon it greatly. Take 15% off your total order when you apply the code “sarmguide15”!

Not only does this the largest discount, but you can use the offer on several orders and it doesn’t expire.

In summary
The company’s lack of a contact information on their website and the fact that they don’t ship to Post boxes are my only two complaints.

Everything else is spot on, and I must admit that their level of ambition and determination truly shocked me.

Most notably, their certificates of authenticity are authentic and recent, having come from Colmaric Analyticals, a reputable third-party laboratory in the US.

This page’s content is only meant to be used for educational and recreational purposes. It is not meant to be used in place of expert medical advice, either implicit or otherwise. Prior to purchasing anything, make sure it complies with the laws currently in effect in your area.
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