sentinel peter b parker bootleg Into the World of Spider-Man

Product Overview

Okay, let’s finish off this one one more time. Peter Parker is how I go by.

Sentinel is thrilled to introduce “Peter B. With the help of this fully¬† sentinel peter b parker bootleg articulated figure, you can mimic a variety of exciting and realistic war scenes as well as humorous scenes from everyday life as they are shown in the film. Put in your order now to enter the world of the Spider-Man in style!

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Product attributes
16.29 cm (6.29 inches)
made from polymer
Extremely posable
comprises an assortment of accessories
Contents of Box
Two Spider-Man heads and a figure by Peter B. Parker Head of Peter B. Parker
Six two sets of hands
coffee cup
Two hands for shooting webs
Switch up the middle and bottom body sections.
4 Web visuals
Newspaper Display
Additional Information


Martin Goodman founded the company, which subsequently debuted as Marvel in 1961. Marvel has grown to become a well-known comic book publisher and has had considerable success branching out into other media, including as movies and video games. Famous superheroes including Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man, and many more call Marvel home. With the introduction of the the brand’s Spiderman cinematic universe starting in the late 2000s, Marvel has experienced an additional degree of success and popularity.

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