Collector Clips for Series 1 of Pet Simulator X


One Pet Simulator Xe Series I Collector Clip is included.

Get every toy in the pet simulation game X, Series 1 right now!

A Collector Clip featuring a Dog, Cat, the shark Pig, Dragon, the unicorns, Techno Cat, and four uncommon pursuit figures is included in every blind bag!

One of the unique pets might be a Legendary of Exclusive DLC code!

Measurements: 3 L x 4 W x 4 H cm

Product Overview

Which is it—a Techno Cat, a Dog, or a Dragon? With the Animal Simulator X Collector Clips, tear open the bag and find out!

Acquire all 11 critters from the well-known game, which includes 4 uncommon pursuit figurines. Start collecting pets now!

product information

Use these pet simulator xTM series 1 collectors clips to expand your collection of virtual animals, Roblox players! Are you going to receive an ultra-rare or rare chase pet?

For a portable, entertaining toy, fasten it to your purse, belt loop, or bag.

include one collectible toy clip pet simulator.

58 animals to gather!

Toys in blind bags are GWYG. The style you receive is unexpected and could not appear like the picture!

Ages: 6+ (risk of choking)

Origin Country: imported

Good things

I used to buy six at a time without a code. Next, zero code. Next, 4 with no code.

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