Black Water Bird” NYT Crossword Clue

Crossword puzzles have long been a beloved pastime for those who enjoy mental challenges and wordplay. The New York Times crossword, in particular, is renowned for its clever and often cryptic clues that can stump even the most seasoned puzzle enthusiasts. In recent days, black water bird nyt crossword clue one clue has piqued the curiosity of crossword solvers around the globe – “Black Water Bird.” Let’s delve into the mystery behind this enigmatic crossword clue and explore the potential answers that might unlock its secrets.

The Challenge:

The beauty of crossword puzzles lies in their ability to blend language, trivia, and clever wordplay. The “Black Water Bird” clue exemplifies this, challenging solvers to not only think about bird species but also to consider the distinctive coloration mentioned in the clue.

Potential Answers:

  1. Cormorant: Cormorants are black water birds known for their excellent diving abilities. Their plumage appears dark, especially when wet, making them a plausible answer to the crossword clue.
  2. Anhinga: Also known as the “snakebird,” the anhinga is another black water bird with a slender neck and a distinctive appearance. Its plumage can give off a black or dark appearance.
  3. Black Swan: While not a common water bird, the black swan is an elegant bird with black plumage. Crossword clues often play with expectations, and the black water bird nyt crossword clue inclusion of “black” in the clue could be a subtle nod to this unexpected but valid answer.
  4. Eider: Eiders are sea ducks with dark plumage, and some species are known for their preference for coastal waters. The “black water” descriptor may be metaphorical, referring to the bird’s habitat rather than its color.
  5. Moorhen: Moorhens are water birds that often inhabit marshy areas, and some species exhibit dark plumage. They are a common sight around black waters such as ponds and marshes.


Solving a crossword puzzle involves a unique blend of linguistic skills, general knowledge, and a dash of creativity. The “Black Water Bird” NYT crossword clue encapsulates this essence, inviting solvers to explore the avian kingdom and identify a feathered friend that fits the given criteria.

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