Urban update for Roblox Adopt Me:

Urban egg pets adopt me have taken the role of Danger Eggs. This time, you’ll have the chance to hatch and gather 12 unique new pets that are modeled after everyday animals seen in large towns. roaches, birds, and stray cats, adorable dogs, and even live stone gargoyle statues are some of these pets! Continue reading below for a list of every Urban Egg Pet.Remember that pets can no longer be unlocked through purchases if the Urban Egg is removed from the game. As with every major upgrade, trading is the only way to obtain them.Common Pets for Urban EggsThe Gumball Machine in the Nursery has a 35% birthing chance for common urban pets.The cost of retrieving an Urban egg pets adopt me is 750 dollars.

Gumball Machine:
The common buzzer fly, the common city bug, the common cockroach, the common mongoose, and the ordinary snake fighter
Unusual Adopt Me, Pets, Urban egg
The Gumball Machine has a 25% breeding chance for Uncommon Urban Pets.

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