Tale of the Cat Bridge’s

The Roped Kitty Bridge is constructed of sturdy bamboo, the railings are made of any type of twine or paracord, and the slats are connected with strong paracord. Because of all of this, the bridge can bear a lot of weight. We felt it was vital to build a strong Cat Bridge because more cats are able to pass along the span as it gets longer. For a more safe and elegant bridge nap, the string railing holds your cat in position while stabilizing the bridge. While there isn’t any scientific proof to support it, we are very sure that napping under a gorgeous bridge improves dreams.

The tucker murphy pets pastOur very first piece of cat furniture was the Roped Cat Bridge. The attempt to connect an animal wall playground over a doorway served as the inspiration for it in 2013. We uploaded it to the internet and it became quite popular after we saw the animals’ reactions. After a few years of operation, we removed the material that would have resulted in legal action, even though the Indiana Jones-themed Cat Bridge was a far nicer moniker than “Roped Cat Bridge.”One of the most well-liked things in the shop is still our bridges, which are fantastic for spanning entrances. If you choose this path, watch out for your cat’s playful head bumps as you pass beneath the bridge. We also recommend running them across windows, which offers an unparalleled way to lounge while still letting in a view of the outside world.
Advantages of cat bridge:

Make the ideal space so your feline can gaze down on it from above. Because it inspires cats to scale up the wall whenever they’re ready to rest, this item usually quickly becomes a favorite because it keeps them healthy and busy. Installing a cat bridge across an entryway or window can provide your cat with the greatest view in the house.
Support for anxiety and stress: Your cat could become agitated or nervous if they don’t get enough playtime or stimulation. Cats may play, explore, and unwind in a fun and safe environment with our cat bridge.Saves space: If you live in a tiny apartment or have little room for your cat to play, making use of the upper level in your residence with a cat connect can be quite helpful.
Provides a pleasant spot: The slats in the feline’s bridge form a cozy space for a cat to lounge in when it lies down. The bridge rope makes the location safer and more secure for your cat to have a nice snooze by providing support from outside for them to brace their paws.
Resilient and enduring: Our cat bridge is made of high-quality materials and is intended to survive years of regular use.
Fashionable and adaptable: Cat bridges can be customized to match your home’s decor with a variety of colors, lengths, and styles.

Design Plans:
We use several methods to manufacture these. Our Roped Cat Bridge is a structure that is suspended across two mounting planks. These spans are readily added to the majority of our current cat furniture because to their modular construction. We also have the Cats Bridge W/ Settlements with Cat Shelves and the Cat Deck Lounge, which consists of cat swings on both sides of the bridge.
 The bridge span’s measurement:
34-inch bridge span: Three studs, 16 inches apart on center, are used.
50′′ bridge span: 4 studs 16′′ apart on center are used.
66′′ bridge span: 5 studs 16′′ apart on center are used.
Crosswise Cat Bridges:
Create a cat suspension bridge that is perpendicular by fastening any of our crossings to our cat shelves’ slotted version. You can now build to a neighboring wall and away from this one thanks to this fascinating new feature. The perpendicular option opens up a lot more options that we’ll cover in a blog soon, but it’s mostly meant to be used around corners and across halls.
Just choose “Slotted” on any of these two auctions and include a note in your order remark requesting the necessary bolts if you want to build a straight cat bridge walkway.
34-inch Solid Shelve.
34 Exit Hatch Shelves.

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